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any chance one without the media (images, gifs, whatever) might cone to be? the brain works up its own vision of a story like with any good ol' book/read/etc then it jars you out with stock photos 😔


This game is awesome, and I am just a noob to twine. I'm still trying to figure out how to get images to But I'm going to share this game with all of my friends. Well done, so very well done. I can't imagine the amount of work you folks put into this amazing game. Thank you for the inspiration and for sharing this. You definitely have a new fan!


Thank you!


This looks good but I don't have a computer so¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I need android version

the download does not lead to a file for me. is that an issue on my end or has the file been taken down?


There should be a file there named


it didn't work through the client, so I assume the issue could be there somewhere, but the direct link (gotten via e-mail) worked fine. thanks.

Is there a way to get sound or is it all muted?

HI there-   To keep the gameplay consistent,  we have muted all the  videos in the game. Thx!  S&D

I turned down James,since then it seemed impossible to have a relationship with another guy,and how do I gain Inhibition?

Hi @yuanye862, the new version of the game (0.4.0)  will allow you to begin relationships with several men beyond James. 

Will this ever come to android?


From guys perspective this is a good game. Is weird kind of cool to see how different things play out as a college aged woman who is as excited about the possibilities as a guy would be but still have the restraints that society and upbringing lay on the female, and living in a reverse male fantasy. Kudos to the dev.